I got the idea to write about Solitude from this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge on Solitude

Solitude – The proper definition means “the state or situation of being alone”. But I prefer to interpret it as”the state or situation of being WITH ONESELF”. It may sound the same, but I beg to defer.

We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by people and activities. Even when we are on the bed trying to sleep, we have our mobiles in our hands and going through FB or Instagram or Snapchat. We just have forgotten to spend time with ourselves.

I believe everyone should take time off for at least a day or two every 3-4 months and just spend it all alone.



This is one of the photos I clicked when i took two days off from my studies and went over to Texel Islands just north of Netherlands. I was walking through the woods at Texel when I captured this scene. This I believe is the perfect example for Solitude, as there were no people around me as I walked through the woods for over 2 hours.



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