My Journey with My Superhero!!

 “When you have a sibling, Why do you need a superhero!”

He would say “My life was so peaceful for the first 8 years 9 months and 5 days”, and I would say “You had to wait for 3200 days to realize what you actually missed in those 8 years 9 months and 5 days”

People around always thought that the big age difference between me and my brother would be a problem. We might not be the normal siblings. Either of us wouldn’t be able to understand each others feelings, joy and problems. He was too big to understand what I was going through and I was too small for what he was going through. Though the latter was true for sometime, but the former was not. He was never too elder to understand what I was going through. For us, the age difference was just a number. It didn’t matter.

When I was a baby, he always took care of me and looked after as if I was his own child. Our mom used to tell us that she found it difficult to stop making me cry at times, but my brother somehow knew what needed to be done to make me stop crying. Right from changing diapers to feeding me my brother was there for me.


Thats the first thing he did after returning from school – Feed me Bournvita with a spoon

As we grew up, he was my best friend whom I could rely upon when I was feeling bored. We grew up playing WWE on our bed. I was always The Undertaker and he would be some random guy and made sure that I always won. After WWE it would be cricket inside the house. God knows how my items I’ve broken clocks and other decorative pieces at home trying to be Sachin Tendulkar. As time passed, he moved out of the house for his studies. This is when it struck me – How much I missed him. 644377_10151452754192874_912012083_n.jpg

He often used to refer me as Cotton-Ball


Now both of us are grown up (even if we don’t act like one when together). He is still the same. We may not play together any more or he may not be feeding me with a spoon or changing my diapers; one thing that hasn’t changed is his desire to see me grow up into a successful man. Being the elder one, he always gives me advice in terms of life, education, work, relationships, how to talk to people, how to approach life , warns me of the mistake he committed.

When people ask me “Who all are there in your family?”, I say “Dad, Mom and Superhero!!”

Though I grew up watching superhero movies and comics, my real superhero was my BROTHER.



That’s us now!!!

The last 23 years of journey would not have been the same without him! My Saviour, My partner in crime, My Superhero!!

My response to the Dicover Challenge – Shared Journeys




I got the idea to write about Solitude from this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge on Solitude

Solitude – The proper definition means “the state or situation of being alone”. But I prefer to interpret it as”the state or situation of being WITH ONESELF”. It may sound the same, but I beg to defer.

We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by people and activities. Even when we are on the bed trying to sleep, we have our mobiles in our hands and going through FB or Instagram or Snapchat. We just have forgotten to spend time with ourselves.

I believe everyone should take time off for at least a day or two every 3-4 months and just spend it all alone.



This is one of the photos I clicked when i took two days off from my studies and went over to Texel Islands just north of Netherlands. I was walking through the woods at Texel when I captured this scene. This I believe is the perfect example for Solitude, as there were no people around me as I walked through the woods for over 2 hours.