When I took over the Kitchen

Exactly 4 weeks from now, I would be in my 16 m^2 room in an apartment in the beautiful city of Delft, Netherlands. I would be sharing the apartment with 2 other people of whom I have no idea as to who they would be. They could be Male or female, Asian or European or American or African or even Australian. This fact of unknownness excites me at the same time makes me curious.

Well I forgot to mention that, 4 weeks from now I would be flying from my hometown of Chennai to Delft for my Masters in Energy and Process Technology in TU Delft.



As the date of departure comes closer, and I sit at home having quite my job, one thing my Amma (Mom in my mother tongue – Tamil) made sure I learnt is COOKING. Cooking is undoubtedly one of the most important skills one needs to acquire when going abroad. Especially knowing to cook a few dishes of your home cuisine is vital and would come in handy in times of homesickness.

Over a period of time, having helped my parents in the kitchen, I learnt a few trick of cooking here and there. However the real hands of experience of cooking a complete meal all by yourself is different. I have cooked multiple dishes at home, but all these were under the supervision of mom.

Today was different. Appa(Dad in Tamil) was at work and Amma had gone out. As both of them had to leave home early, neither of them had the time to cook and leave. This was my chance to enter the kitchen and become a Chef.

Today’s Lunch Menu –

  • Sambar
  • Rice
  • Beans and Coconut


Sambar with Carrot and Tomato
IMG_20160725_102044.jpg Beans and Coconut

We in India have more or less pretty simple dishes. Cooking time wise, they dont take a lot of time. However they are rich with masalas and spices. Majority of the dishes in South India are technical and need good amount of practice to master. Surprisingly though, both these dishes turned to be much better than I had expected. For my first time taking over the kitchen, I believe I did a really good job thanks to all the training my parents have given me over the last few years.

The best part was, Amma was taken aback when she saw the complete Lunch had been prepared by me and most of all I tasted really good.

P.S – If any of you happen to have a South Indian friend, especially from the southern state of Kerala, make sure you ask them to get hold  of KANNI MANGA (Pickled Tender Mango) for you. It is one of the yummiest things to have!

I am going to be cooking more in the coming days and I will try my best to write about them too (provided it tastes good and hopefully it does)



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