The Things We Leave Behind – Goli Soda

As a kid, I spent 8 years of my childhood in Delhi. And if there is one thing I grew up with, it is this



Goli Soda – also called as Goti Soda or Banta is a carbonated orange or limed flavored drink, which came in glass bottles.

The specialty of  these bottles is that they did not come with caps on top. Rather they came had marbles which sealed the mouth of the bottle due to the pressure created by the carbonated content.

Back in my hometown in Chennai – these drinks are hard to find. Only a handful of shops sell these here in Chennai. Whenever I happen to visit Delhi for some reason, one thing I make sure is to get hold of these drinks and revisit my childhood.



This post is in response to the Discover Challenge – The Things We Leave Behind

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2 thoughts on “The Things We Leave Behind – Goli Soda

  1. I saw a bottle like this at a flea market, no marble with it. The man selling the bottle explained the mechanism of how it worked….so neat! Happy to read your post Shreya.


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